However simple it may seem, producing passport photos is actually quite an elaborate and carefully calculated "project" here at Creative Photography By Maya: WE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!
One of the main questions I get asked about passport photos: "Why does it cost slightly more to do the passport photos in the studio rather than a pharmacy?" And the answer is: we care about your photo like it was our own and take many extra steps to ensure the best quality and look, because, after all, this is something that we have to look at and enjoy for a quite few years.

We accept photo requests for all countries and all types of passports, visas or documents. We start by preparing a carefully calculated layout according with photo specifications for the particular occasion. (This is most likely done in advance and we have a growing "library" of such layouts.) When you come in for your photo session we review all the specific photo subject requirements that pertain to your country/document type. Did you know, for example, that in certain cases you are not allowed to wear glasses or show the teeth while you smile?

Taking a picture has its own challenges. For example, subject's head has to be straight and as simple as it sounds, each person has his/her own tendencies to tilt the head in certain ways. We help you correct the tilt, remind you about the posture and, of course, make sure that you look your best.

Once we have done a few shots, we move on to the display station where you get to review your photos and choose the one that combines the best look and quality. If we see any problems with the shot or if you want to try one more time, we go back to the camera room for a quick re-take. After you have selected the final shot we begin the post-production process, which includes fitting the photo onto the prepared layout, brightness/color correction (if needed) and some retouching.

In the final step we send your photo to the best local photo laboratories for print. When you pick up your prints, you will always find a few extras for your keepsake. And if your document requires a digital image, we easily re-size it to the requirements and transfer it to you either by e-mail or on a disc.
So, there you have it, a perfect passport photo, which is a pleasure to display for years to come! We are glad to provide the best service and attention that you deserve!